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The Alliance Business Suite is a low-code platform aimed to help users quickly create, build and deploy and evolve critical line-of-business applications to deliver operational performance through next-generation experiences for customers, providers and employees.


A Powerful Platform to Rocket-Launch Businesses Everywhere.

health and medical care

more efficient, treat your patients, anytime, anywhere, and get the benefits of collaborative and productive teams that can work together, wherever they are.

Financial and insurance

the financial sector through industry-leading managed technologies and solutions to increase performance, manage risk, monitor the business, and accelerate growth.

Governments and local administrations.

improve public administration and achieve profitability through cloud-based tools, enabling economic and social growth


Increase your institution’s capabilities through powerful and reliable tools designed to meet the highest quality standards in the learning process that extend the reach and effectiveness of your classes.

Industry and manufacturing

a series of ideas and align them with strategic priorities to bring new and innovative products and services to market quickly and effectively, increasing competitiveness and customer value.

Retailers and traders

your business to the real world to get a real view of your inventories, empower onmi channel reach, maximize opportunities to win and retain customers, and expand the capacity of your operations.

Alliance Business

Manage your services, products, and cloud resources in just one Suite. Our apps work side-by-side to help businesses optimize their operations by cutting off inefficiencies and helping them to deliver spectacular omnichannel experiences

Infinity Comex Stores

Get everything you need to start selling online, B2B or B2C with our tremendous e-Commerce engine, build exactly the store you want, and get your own e-commerce store up and running in just a few clicks.

Add features and functionality to your store with hundreds of extensions and get the Alliance Business Suite integrated right out of the box.


Integrated, Flexible, Customizable & Enterprise-Ready Software

Responsive Themes

Full Customization

World Class Support

User Roles

Billing and Accounting

Built In Analytics

Work Remotely

A blazing-fast, tremendously powerful platform

The Alliance Business Suite provides a world-class enterprise technology stack aimed to exponentially increase flexibility and improve business outcomes trough a powerful low-code platform to build LOB applications without the hustle. 

Alliance Business Suite 
Community Edition 

Our Community Edition was released to help you make your life easier while increasing your odds for success through the right tools and support required your path for digitalization.

The Community Edition License is not a demo license. You’ll get access to the entire ABS. Either if you are an individual or an organization.

In a nutshell, You’ll only pay for core licensing fees if you use the ABS on behalf of an Enterprise, who’s an organization and its affiliates who collectively have either (a) more than 250 PCs or users or (b) more than one million U.S. dollars (or the equivalent in other currencies) in annual revenues.

alliance business cloud

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