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Commercialize like a multi-national enterprise.

  • API Driven Platform

  • Ready to sell, right out of the box.

  • Multi-Currency Support

  • Multi-Tenant Ready

  • High Risk Management Service

What is the Alliance Pay Platform?

For businesses with ambitious goals, we're building the most comrenhensive Payments Suite to enable them to operate beyond expectations all over the world. Built for Line-Of-Business operations, the Alliance Pay Platform allows businesses to collect payments in over 135 currencies and payment methods, from over 150 countries world-wide. The Alliance Pay Platform is trusted by individuals, SMBs, multi-national corporations and public/non-profit organizations because is not just another payments API, but a next-generation business platform.

API Driven Platform

To cover specific business needs

24x7 Tech Support

Enterprise-Grade Support Teams and Tools

Collection Portals

Start getting payments in no time trough white-labeleld portals.

Payment Verification

Prevent fraud trough managed verification services.

Alliance Pay Platform is built on trust.

We are deeply committed to your privacy. At Fenix Alliance, we do not add external publicity to our website. We encrypt and mask every single bit, even while at rest in the cloud. we ask for authorization before every data transfer and take other extreme measures so that our customers can rest at ease knowing that they are always in control of their data. *

* There's no catch! We are always clear. In other words, we do not (and will never) make a single dime from your data.

Deliver exceptional payment experiences.

Get paid while delivering great experiences to your customers either through collection portals, email, QR Codes or payment buttons.

Collection, made easy.

Get Immediate Activation and start getting paid in no time trough Alliance Pay Collection Portals.

Start your business Now
  • One-click App Marketplace

    Over 450 Apps ready to be installed in seconds

  • The best DIY solution

    20+ Frameworks and your favorite dev tools

  • Step by Step Tutorials

    3000+ pages of tutorials to get you started

  • Unlimited 24/7 Priority Support

    Always-free in-house technical support

Sign up today before 04:00 PM and get Immediate Account Activation and Free Website Setup!

Receive Recurrent Payments
  • People-powered site transfer

    No messy automation - get it done by experts

  • No downtime, Fast and Painless

    Express Transfer service included in all plans

  • Free Domain Transfer

    Free one-year domain renewal after transfer

  • Free months of hosting

    Up to six months unused time compensation

Sign up now and get your website transferred by 04:57 PM today with free Express Transfer!

User satisfaction, guaranteed.

Protect your business data by leveraging industry-leading security and compliance. Allow humans to have control of their data and how they interact with technology on a daily basis. Inform them about how their data is being securely collected through intelligent privacy, and preach accountability, inclusion, and security.

Meet the perfect Point of Sale.

As the Alliance Business Suite gets better with every hour that goes by, it is being deeply integrated with Infinity Comex, allowing you and everyone in your team to manage all your online and offline sales in one place with custom unified integrations, simplified reporting, and advanced reconciliation features.

Sell your Products World-Wide.

The Alliance Pay Platform can be configured to help you receive payments in over 135+ Payment methods.

Fraud protection.

By leveraging industry-leading APIs from vendors like MasterCard, Visa, and several payment gateways, Alliance Pay Platform provides multi-channel global payment processing services, advanced fraud prevention, and risk management solutions to every merchant's store.

Multi-currency support, right out of the box.

Our powerful foreign exchange (forex) engine connects to multiple sources to allow historical and real-time rate updates from over 170 world currencies. Through the Alliance Business Suite, multi-currency accounting and transactions are now extremely simple.

Billing, in a breeze.

Whatever your business is, the Alliance Business Suite includes everything you need to create and fulfill invoices quickly and easily, for all your regular invoices, and for any other chargeable events, using simple and automated workflows.

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